Change for the better.
ChangerInc. for your future.

ChangerInc. address the challenges of unprecedented global change by taking business, education, workforce and population ageing on a mind shifting leap from the impossible, to what’s possible.

ChangerInc. is a hyper-collaborative, globally scaleable business solution revolutionising the way we work, educate and engage in relationships. We make the economy sustainable, businesses better, workforces more capable and educated, deliver on the expectations of global ageing, and empower extraordinary social impact to those who need support.


Six years ago, I was asked to design a method to ‘professionalise the unprofessional’. These ‘unprofessional’ people were ‘the greater than 12% of Australians’, predominantly women, who work as the cornerstone and foundation of the ‘caring’ workforce looking after the frail, ageing, disabled and vulnerable in our society. This workforce globally, is a far greater percentage and constitutes one of the largest employment sectors in the world.

‘Business I believed could be conducted differently!’

The design request came at a time when I was also experiencing simultaneously the negative effect of an extraordinary change in business practice and the nature of education and workforce demands brought on by the 21C and Industry 4.0. This included businesses struggling against economic forces such as the GFC; increasing disrespect shown to experienced mature individuals; high gender inequality; transactionalised workforces; vocational education organisations in a race to the bottom of quality; government handouts being used as a gauge of a business’s investment in their workforce; individuals with a ‘free mentality’, and a devaluation in education qualifications, particularly vocational ones, because of their failure to address requirements. On top of that, the relationships between business, workforce, education providers and regulatory entities had become untenably complicated, costly and unattractive.

This situation was,
and is unacceptable.

ChangerInc. is my ‘bigger picture’: a solution to deliver mind shift change for business, workforce, education and the ageing sector whilst delivering extraordinary outcomes for social impact. It also delivers to consumers like my parents the respect and quality they deserve.


The Solution

ChangerInc. Global Group

ChangerInc. leads the way!

In 2014 the underlying strategy for the technology to support ChangerInc. was head of its time. I required it to be ‘non-compliance prohibitive’. Put simply, technology that seamlessly and silently stopped business and workforce, including educational organisations, doing the wrong thing, but which guided and aligned them to the correct way. At that time I knew nothing about blockchain. Researching its potential I realised its alignment to ChangerInc. It’s been an amazing eye opening journey – a revelation. Blockchain and its ability to immutably record, verify and store data and transactions plus eliminate waste in the economy will change the world as radically as the Internet and www. Its ability to deliver social impact and be foundational in solving inequity is breathtaking. ChangerInc. embraces that potential, and I am happy sitting on the precipice of uncomfortable so the mind shift never stops.

ChangerInc. Global is a group of companies that uses ecosystem design thinking, and lean agility to execute sustainable economic change and social impact, through a synergistic combination of:

  • managing the ‘life-cycle of business’

  • targeted continual business improvements

  • workforce management and education

  • daring frontier technology including blockchain

Everything ChangerInc. does adds value, reduces business cost and inefficiency, and empowers sustainability to every organisation and individual in our ecosystem.
ChangerInc. works together with other primary partners and organisations, creating a living hyper-collaborative ecosystem to deliver a solution to some of the greatest challenges the world has seen.

ChangerInc. see the demands, as a result of changes in global ageing, workforce, education and the need for safe and healthy work as an extraordinary opportunity to shift our minds and change the way we work together. ChangerInc. delivers a B2B Change Incubator Programme for Business and WorkforceTM as its key change tool that fuels the ecosystem and its distributed value and revenue model.

ChangerInc. looks at a really big picture, with challenges that require big solutions.

One of humanity’s greatest achievements has been the increased longevity of human life.

In 1950, there were only 205 million people over the age of 60 in the world. By 2017 this number had jumped to 962 million and in less than 10 years this number will rise above 1 billion.

Innovations in healthcare and sanitation, mass urbanisation and modernisation can be credited for enabling population ageing. As these innovations and improvements to the standards of living continue, the number of people over the age of 60 is expected to rise to 2.1 billion by 2050, and 3.1 billion by 2100.

World state authorities and all international economies agree:

Population ageing is unprecedented

The twenty-first century will witness even more rapid ageing than did the century just past.

Population ageing is pervasive

A global phenomenon affecting every man, woman and child.
The pace of change between nations differs greatly.
Countries that started the ageing process later will have less time to adjust.

Population ageing is enduring

We will not return to the young populations that our ancestors knew.

Population ageing has profound implications

For all facets of human life.

ChangerInc.’s Global Scope

Unprecedented Change in Global Ageing

For the first time in history, most people can expect to live into their 80’s and beyond.

The consequences for health, health systems, businesses, the workforce and budgets to meet growth in expected demands are profound.

Asia is ageing faster than anywhere on earth

By 2030 the increase in people aged over 65 will be:
• Asia +71%
• Europe +31%
• North America +55%

By 2030 Japan is expected to become the world’s first ultra-aged nation, with almost a third of the population over 65.

Unprecedented Workforce Ageing

Ageing Population = Ageing Workforce

Workforce demographics are shifting in line with global ageing.

The workforce participation rate of older workers will increase. An ageing workforce effects all industries – no sector is immune! Organisations will have to be innovative, accommodating and collaborative in their approaches to support an ageing workforce.

The eldercare workforce is also older on average than workers in all other fields, so they are caring for consumers only slightly older than themselves.

Actions such as improved workplace safety and health monitoring, enhancing knowledge transfer between generations within businesses, digitising older workers to learn future skills, facilitating inter-generational teamwork, and ensuring access to scaleable, efficient training and capability development across organisations will be critical.

Unprecedented Education Demands

The world faces significant educational challenges if we are all to be globally competitive, socially cohesive and with a workforce capable of meeting the needs of 21C and Industry 4.0.

92% of future jobs will need digital skills.

45% of jobs will need people who can configure and work confidently with digital systems and technology.

More jobs will demand 21st-century skills, such as interpersonal skills, entrepreneurialism and hypothesisbased problem solving.

Workers will spenad less time on predictable physical tasks. Employability is a major driver for education. In order to prepare the workforce for the future, education will also require epochal transition.

The workforce requires preparation and skills for more rapid economic and social change than ever before; for jobs that have not yet been created; to use technologies that have not yet been invented but will exist tomorrow, and to solve social problems that we do not yet know will arise – and the capacity to be resilient and adaptive to such extraordinary change!

Global Demand for Human Right to Safe and Healthy Work

Safe and healthy work is a fundamental
human right and is a foundational element of sustainable development.

Yet in 2017, 2.78 million workers died from work related injuries and illnesses, and 2.4 million of those are the result of work related diseases. The number of injuries is going down in developed countries and is continuing to grow in developing countries. Work related deaths, illnesses and injuries continue to cause incalculable human suffering.

This is unacceptable. All of us acting together is imperative, there is no price to a human life lost or a human life destroyed. If reasons were needed for us to act to invest on safety and health, they can be found in the exorbitant economic costs to workers, their families, to businesses and to national economies from this state of affairs.

Unprecedented Global Call for Workplace Safety and Health

The global economic impact of the current situation is currently estimated to be US2.9 trillion dollars. That roughly equals the total GDP of the poorest 130 counties in the world. That is the price that is being paid.

Our Intent

ChangerInc.’s intent is to embrace humanity’s greatest challenge, global ageing, and shift it from a financial and socio-economic burden to a positive influencer, capable of autonomously driving growth and value and becoming a significant economic contributor to the global economy.

Rethinking simultaneously global ageing,workforce, education and workplace safety & health requires design thinking, hyper-collaboration, frontier technology and positive disruption.

We rethink Workforce.

We rethink the workforce to meet the challenges faced by the demands of the ageing sector and globalisation. We develop the current and future capabilities of our workforce, including engaging the ageing workforce population, as well as providing career pathways for youth, women and emerging economies.

We rethink Education.

We rethink education by eliminating deeply rooted notions, attitudes and structure that are alienating potential possibility, and by addressing the opportunity to prepare our current and future workforce for a lifelong learning culture in the 21C and with Industry 4.0 resilience.

We rethink workplace Safety & Health.

We rethink the way we work and educate so everyone becomes ‘thought focused’ and builds a generation of safe and healthy workers who will avoid unwanted outcomes.
ChangerInc. executes the fundamental building blocks for a globalised unified set of core minimum capabilities for every worker, that prioritise a reduction in the unacceptable impact of human suffering as a result of work related injuries and illnesses.